FLEDGED Gasifier

FLEDGED project addresses a gasification concept based on indirect gasification in a dual fluidized bed system using a CaO-rich bed material. Pre-treated biomass is gasified by steam and heat is supplied by hot solids from an air-blown combustor.

The advantages of this technology are:

  • production of a N2-free syngas with no need of pure oxygen, which would require a high cost and energy consuming equipment.
  • in-situ CO2 removal by conversion of CaO bed material into CaCO3 to obtain tailored syngas composition.
  • Low-tar syngas production thanks to the catalytic properties of CaO towards tar cracking.
  • Flexibility in gasifying different types of biomass.
  • Flexibility in adjusting syngas H2/CO/CO2 content when hydrogen from renewable energy sources is available, supporting a Power-to-Liquid conversion.
  • Possibility of integrating Carbon Capture and Storage (bio-CCS), by feeding the combustor with high purity oxygen.

A reduced syngas purification and conditioning section is then required.

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