Ecohispanica (ECOH)

Founded in 2009, Ecohispanica is a Spanish company that emerged for developing and patenting an innovative system for municipal waste treatment. Ecohispanica technology is able to process household waste and some industrial waste without preselection and recovering over 80% of garbage materials. This is obtaining through a sterilization treatment, where waste is cleaned and transformed, with the goal of eliminating its unpleasant appearance and increase the efficiency of separation and recovery of each material.

A set of 4 sterilization reactors sterilized waste operating continuously, dispersed previously or pre-crushed by saturated steam at about 3 bar pressure. The residence time is 20 to 22 min in which the organic material is disintegrated, pathogens are eliminated and stabilized. Plastic and metal residues appearing from organic matter and cellulose. At the end of this process by mechanical methods the resulting material is separated easily. Results in a rotating trommel screen 15 mm represent around 80-90% organic material.

The energy consumption is electricity needed for equipment and steam thermal output. Electricity can be obtained by power grid consumption, but also by generators. And thermal output may be provided by gas boilers or biofuel cogeneration engines or similar.

ECO Hispanica website


ECOH will lead exploitation activities from FLEDGED for both pre-commercial demonstration plant of DME production at TRL6-7 and for commercial small and large scale DME production plant. Ecohispanica contribution will be mainly focused on assessing the exploitation plan of a pre-commercial pilot plant to be built at Ecohispanica site, which will also use waste biomass produced in the Ecohispanica’s plant.

Ecohispanica will also be involved in technology scale-up and economic assessment of the FLEDGED technology is carried out. Concretely, the role of Ecohispanica will be aiding at the economic analysis of a full scale SEG-SEDMES plant.