Econward (ECON)

Econward is a Spanish technological company, created in 2009, specialized in the treatment, recycling and valorization of the organic fraction from municipal solid waste. Being aligned with the Circular Economy principles, Econward has a strong commitment towards recovering waste streams, creating a biomass which entails social, environmental, and economics benefits.

Econward treatment combines thermal hydrolysis with steam pressure on the organic fraction of the municipal solid waste. This technology consist on a semi-continuous process capable of transforming 6 ton/hour. This process occurs inside an autoclave system, and as a final product, we obtain an homogeneous, sanitized, thermally and biologically stabilized biomass.

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ECON will lead exploitation activities from FLEDGED for both pre-commercial demonstration plant of DME production at TRL6-7 and for commercial small and large scale DME production plant. Econward contribution will be mainly focused on assessing the exploitation plan of a pre-commercial pilot plant to be built at Econward site, which will also use waste biomass produced in the Econward’s plant.

Econward will also be involved in technology scale-up and economic assessment of the FLEDGED technology is carried out. Concretely, the role of Econward will be aiding at the economic analysis of a full scale SEG-SEDMES plant.