Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT)

Lappeenranta University of Technology (founded in 1969) is specialised in technology and economics. LUT`s areas of strength are related to forest industry and metal clusters, electrical engineering, energy, economics as well as to information and communication technology and expertise in cooperation with Russia. About 5000 students study in the various degree programmes offered by the university, and about 900 new students are admitted each year. There are about 500 postgraduate students, and 900 members of staff. LUT is the largest energy research and education organisation in Finland. More than 300 experts are working in energy-related research and teaching, 80 of which have a doctorate. About 185 Masters of Science in Technology and 30 doctors graduate every year. The European cutting-edge research at LUT addresses challenges concerning energy generation, power systems and energy markets, and the use of energy. Our core activities focus on research and development of advanced energy systems. In LUT, modelling energy systems focuses especially on multi-phase flows and modelling sustainable energy processes that utilize them. A particular area of application for this field is in the research of fluidized bed technology systems. Currently there is also capability to study and model the integrated systems with calcination/carbonation reactions in detail. This capability is also demonstrated in the number of European Union funded research projects.

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LUT will contribute to FLEDGED in reactor model development and process simulations as well leading the modelling and process integration work package. Processes are simulated and validated using pilot scale experimental data obtained from the partners. Also large scale process simulations are performed in connection with techno-economic evaluations.