Project news

Cristina Elsido (POLIMI) presented the design optimization of a heat recovery ORC for a novel biomass to methanol plant at the 5th International Seminar on ORC Power Systems conference taking place in Athens (Greece) on 9-11th September 2019. The presentation is available in the download section of the website.
Jurriaan Boon (ECN part of TNO) and Glenn Rexwinkel (FRAMES) have been interviewed by the Dutch magazine NPT, whose focus is on process technology, about the FLEDGED project. The full magazine article (Dutch language) can be accessed on the NPT website or downloaded here.
A poster on the simulation of a Sorbent-Enhanced Gasification reactor and the validation of the reactor model has been presented by Annti Pitkäoja (LUT School of Energy Systems, Laappeenranta) at the 13th IEAGHG Summer School in Regina (Canada) on 7-12th July 2019. The poster is available for download here. The International CCS Knowledge Centre hosted 39 PhD and emerging career students from 20 countries for the 13th Annual IEAGHG CCS Summer School from July 7 – 12, 2019. A total of 13 expert mentors representing different companies and universities, committed their entire week to teaching and guiding the students. The
ICP-CSIC represented the FLEDGED project at the Conference of the Spanish Society of Catalysis (SECAT 19) on 24-26th June 2019 in Cordoba (Spain). Cristina Peinado presented a work entitled “Double bed configurations for methanol synthesis from CO2-rich bio-syngas” to an interested public. The presentation is available for download in the dedicated section of the website.
Jurriaan Boon presented the "Separation-enhanced processes for the utilization of CO2" at the 17th International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilization (ICCDU 2019) in Aachen on 23-27th June 2019. The complete presentation is available in the download section.
The public deliverable "D2.6 - Catalytic performance of novel catalyst mixtures for the direct synthesis of DME" has been released and it is available for download in the dedicated website section. This deliverable reports the results of obtained in our study to identify the optimum catalysts mixture for the direct synthesis of DME (dimethyl ether) from syngas. Two kind of acid catalysts for the DME production from methanol were tested, the commercial catalyst γ-Al2O3 and the supported heteropolyacid HWSi/TiO2 (HPA). For the methanol synthesis from syngas we used a Cu-based commercial KATALCOTM51-8 (referred to as CZA_com). Both catalysts were mixed
Two poster related with FLEDGED project activities has been presented by Selina Hafner (University of Stuttgart) and Giulio Guandalini (Politecnico di Milano) during the EUBCE 2019 (27th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition), taking place on 27-30th May 2019 in Lisbon (Portugal). University of Stuttgart presented the experimental investigation of the sorption enhanced gasification of biomass in the 200 kWth dual fluidized bed pilot plant operated in their facilities. POLIMI presented the preliminary simulation of the integrated FLEDGED DME production process exploiting the plant flexibility by means of renewable hydrogen injection from electrolysis. A reforming unit able to recover the high
A FLEDGED delegation represents the FLEDGED project at the EUBCE 2019 (27th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition), taking place on 27-30th May 2019 in Lisbon (Portugal). The coordinator Matteo Romano also presented the project during the parallel session "Paving the way towards clean energy and fuels in Europe", together with many H2020 EU funded projects on advanced biofuels.
Lappeenranta Technical University (Finland) hosted the fifth progress meeting of the FLEDGED consortium on May, 23-24th. Experimental results and plant simulations have been presented. Look forward to the interesting outcomes of our work. The consortium visited the biofuel production plant UPM Kaukas, an example of complete and integrated multi-product process. Download material available here, while the project results will be presented during next events.
Today H2020 European projects working on biofuels meet at INEA to exchange know-how and discuss synergies.