WP 4 – Modelling and process integration


  • To achieve technical capability and tools for modelling the SEG and SEDMES reactors at pilot and industrial scale:
    • Through different levels of model complexity for optimization purposes and for detailed reactor analyses.
    • Including the models for chemical reactions, fluid flow and energy transfer in the reactors.
    • Calibration and validation of models based on the experimental data from the test facilities.
  • To determine the best configurations, process variables, and heat integration options of the full scale FLEDGED process.
  • To compare the overall performance of the SEG-SEDMES process with benchmark processes for DME production from biomass.
  • To guide the selection of the industrial plant designs to be considered in the engineering study in WP5 and LCA and risk analysis in WP6.

What’s going on now…

  • Initial process integration study of the FLEDGED process @ Polimi
  • Development of 0-D and 1-D SEG models @ CSIC and LUT
  • Development of SEDMES reactor models @ ECN part of TNO and Polimi

Involved partners