WP 2 – Component development


  • To characterise chemically and structurally all the materials involved in the SEG process and to perform pre-tests under significant operating conditions for the SEG experiments at pilot scale (WP3).
  • To perform gasification tests aimed at reducing/utilize the methane content in the syngas, to increase the final DME yield.
  • To develop novel direct DME catalysts for sorption enhanced operation and benchmark them with commercially available catalysts.
  • To select commercially available steam adsorbent and DME catalyst to be used in the experiments at pilot scale (WP3) and to quantify the relevant performance parameters for reactor modelling (WP4).

What’s going on now…

  • Raw materials characterization for SEG process @ CSIC-ICB
  • Sorption enhanced gasification tests in bubbling fluidized bed reactor @ CSIC-ICB
  • Sorption enhanced gasification pre-testing in dual fluidized bed facility @ USTUTT
  • Characterization of commercial DME catalyst @ CSIC-ICP
  • Testing of commercial DME catalyst and steam sorbent under cyclic operations @ECN part of TNO

Involved partners