FLEDGED project at 12th ECCRIA conference

Isabel Martinez (CSIC) presented FLEDGED project at 12th The European Conference on Fuel and Energy Research and its Applications – ECCRIA 12 held in September 5-7, 2018 in Cardiff (UK). Main topic is the experimental investigation on sorption enhanced gasification (SEG) of biomass in a fluidized bed reactor for producing a tailored syngas performed in the facilities of CSIC. Download the presentation here.

This study aims at analysing the effect of different operating parameters (e.g. steam-to-carbon (S/C) ratio, CO2 sorption capacity and sorbent-to-biomass ratio) in the syngas composition and char conversion obtained in a 20-30 kWth bubbling fluidized bed gasifier, using grape seeds as feedstock. The importance of reducing the formation of higher hydrocarbons through a higher steam-to-carbon ratio and using a CO2 sorbent with high sorption capacity is assessed. C2+ concentrations below 0.6%vol. (in dry basis) can be achieved when working with S/C ratios of 1.5 at gasification temperatures from 700 to 740ºC. Varying the amount of the CO2 separated in the gasifier (by modifying the temperature or the CO2 sorption capacity of the sorbent) the content of H2, CO and CO2 in the syngas produced can be greatly modified, resulting in a module M=(H2-CO2)/(CO+CO2) that ranges from 1.2 to almost 3.

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