FLEDGED results presented at a Webinar at e-EUBCE 2020

The Workshop dedicated to FLEDGED project results at the 28th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (eEUBCE 2020) on Thursday July, 9th 2020 (14.00-15.30) has been a success. The project partners left some interesting presentations for you on the website.

Some detailed works will be also presented during the regular sessions.

Available presentations


Overview of the project

Sorption-Enhanced Gasification

Experimental activities in small scale BFB with a focus on tar formation

Pilot scale experimental campaigns in dual circulating fluidized beds

3D modelling of full scale industrial dual CFB

DME synthesis

Sorption-Enhanced cyclic process development and testing at industrially relevant scale

Catalyst/Sorbent mixtures development for Sorption Enhanced operation

Design and simulation of full scale reactors for cyclic operation

Process integration, risk and sustainability analysis

Integrated process techno-economic evaluation and flexible Power-to-DME operation mode

Risk assessment, environmental impact and socio-economic analysis of biomass to DME industrial plants

Exploitation and business cases

An example of circular economy: municipal waste collection, recycling process and DME synthesis integration

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