Frames Renewable Energy Solutions (FRES)

Frames Renewable Energy Solutions (FRES) is the youngest sibling within the Frames Group of companies. Focusing on translating our know how gained over the past 3 decades in the upstream oil & gas industry into the development and design of upgrading facilities (plants) primarily covering renewable energy streams generated from for instance biomass fermentation facilities (incl. recycled (domestic) waste streams), CO2 capture and conversion, the liquefaction of those methane / CO2 streams etc. Also the conversion of renewable power into syngas / methane streams is part of our research program (jointly with ECN and others). As such, the link between FRES and this FLEDGED research program is very strong, both from the renewable energy viewpoint as well as the way of working and the integrated solutions we bring to the market and in this case to the research consortium.

For Frames, this project proposal is the first within the European H2020 program. For us it is a new way of becoming part of this development program for innovative sustainable technology plans. Furthermore it allows us to contribute to the program while increasing our network within the industry and knowledge institutes and universities alike. The main prospect for Frames however is the extension of our portfolio which will allow us to bring this type of renewable energy solutions to the market place.

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In the project, Frames will deal with the process/mechanical design and design integration work related to the SE-DME reactor sections. Furthermore the cost estimation of subject sections will be part of this work such that business model work can be properly assessed. Being experienced in integrating various building blocks into total plant solutions for the oil & gas industry as well as the biogas market, Frames is an excellent partner for engineering the commercial scale facility completely integrated and ultimately including both the SEG and SE-DME sections.