Dual fludized bed experiments and FLEDGED simulation at EUBCE 2019

Two poster related with FLEDGED project activities has been presented by Selina Hafner (University of Stuttgart) and Giulio Guandalini (Politecnico di Milano) during the EUBCE 2019 (27th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition), taking place on 27-30th May 2019 in Lisbon (Portugal).

University of Stuttgart presented the experimental investigation of the sorption enhanced gasification of biomass in the 200 kWth dual fluidized bed pilot plant operated in their facilities.

Selina Hafner presenting the poster on the experimental investigation in the 200 kWth dual fluidized bed gasification pilot plant.

POLIMI presented the preliminary simulation of the integrated FLEDGED DME production process exploiting the plant flexibility by means of renewable hydrogen injection from electrolysis. A reforming unit able to recover the high methane content of the syngas is also included.

Giulio Guandalini presenting the preliminary results on FLEDGED process integration.

If you missed the presentations or the poster, you can find them in our Download section.