FLEDGED at DME Sustainable Mobility Workshop

FLEDGED project has been presented at the one-day, invitation-only “DME Sustainable Mobility Workshop” in Aachen on March, 15th 2018. Project coordinator, Matteo Romano, and Jurriaan Boon (ECN) answered to all the questions of the stakeholders. This event provides an opportunity for industry members to inform, discuss, and strategize on the subject of DME and its potential role as a viable alternative automotive fuel, with an emphasis on the European context.

In the wake of growing sentiment against diesel and compression ignition engines, and a growing emphasis on transport sustainability, the workshop provided industry stakeholders (and those with the interest and / or potential to participate, support and advance industry efforts) with an opportunity to discuss the issue, to examine the case for DME as a sustainable and low-emission fuel, and to propose a path forward.

The program included perspectives from DME stakeholders across the value chain, providing attendees with an authoritative overview of commercial, technical, and regulatory initiatives completed, underway, and foreseen, and the information required to facilitate well-informed discussion amongst decision–makers.

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