FLEDGED project presented at CHAINS

Jasper van Kampen (ECN) presented SEDMES concept integrated in the FLEDGED process at CHAINS 2017 (Dutch national chemistry conference, 5-7 December 2017) in a plenary focus session “Making the molecules of the future: Sustainable Chemistry and Energy”. The poster and the presentation are available here.


A novel process for the production of DME from synthesis gas, sorption-enhanced DME synthesis (SEDMES), employs a solid adsorbent for the in situ removal of water, based on the increasing reactant conversion to products by selectively removing reaction products in an equilibrium limited reaction. Experimental proof-of-concept has shown increased DME yield, improved selectivity towards DME over methanol and reduced CO2 content in the product. Inherent to the adsorptive reactor concept, both the catalyst and adsorbent are periodically subjected to a regeneration procedure.

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